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Keep Calm and...Drink Me

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-06


  • Crystal Jones 7 Oct 2015

    Nice work ^^

  • Laurenh11598 1 Nov 2015

    Great job!

  • Jeanpooh 29 Sep 2015

    Nice work, lot of work here

  • Henri K. 8 Oct 2015

    This is neat, so much stuff in it. Must have taken long time to get this done. But gotta say, it surely was worth it! The whole thing looks complete but not too full of stuff, colors work together and blend well. Really good job with this!

  • Drachul 5 Mar 2016

    Love it, but how did you create it? Meaning, is it water color or did you draw it on a computer? In any case, it looks great, really fits together very well concerning colors and the general theme.

  • Anonymous 31 Jan 2016

    Tasty work!!! ;)

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