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Patrick Stump

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-05


Graphite on Vellum 9x11 ref:


I think you've done a really good job! The only true critique I can give is that you could use a tiny tiny bit more value on the checks/jaw on the right side of the face. And the line above the chin/below the bottom lip looks a bit too harsh. Possibly soften it a tad. Just a little, too much would make it worse. Overall, I love it. It's a very handsome piece.


  • Tomas 7 Jul 2015

    Nice, looks really good and smile looks so realistic

  • Ruso Tsig 7 Sep 2015

    Love it... Try to add more black and shadows when you draw... Great Job!!!

  • preeti rajput 6 Jun 2015

    It looks so realistic. Great job dude! I love the eyes. :)

  • Shadowfox10 6 Jun 2015

    Wow, so realistic

  • Luisamd 6 Jun 2015

    Great work!

  • Ruso Tsig 5 Jun 2015

    Great job !

  • CptShaw 5 Jun 2015

    Wow! That looks photo realistic...well done!

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