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You are Mine

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-05


Oil pastels on paper.


  • preeti rajput 5 Jun 2015

    Without a doubt, incredible.

  • Anonymous 5 Jun 2015

    Very interesting piece, but it's just a little bit too dark for my taste. :)

  • Anonymous 5 Jun 2015

    should be more detailed but overall very well done :)

  • Anonymous 5 Jun 2015

    (I apologize for my English) This would look better at a different angle. At this angle one cannot see the expression on their faces. The shadow under the woman is too dark, and one cannot see the legs of the male. You could make the shadow opaque and less dark. Work on the lightning: The light on the windows is opaque. And work on the reflected light; the light reflecting on the bed, the couple's body... You could paint a hint of pale blue on the bed, on the woman's upper body, and on the arm of the male. Also work on the contour of the objects. Try to define them more. I like the way the body of the woman looks. Good job there. Just keep working on the things I pointed out. :)

  • EmmaHolmes96 5 Jun 2015

    Awesome Job!

  • Anonymous 5 Jun 2015

    The fabric might need a little more work but nevertheless, it's awesome.

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