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Settle Down

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-05


Hi! I wanted to do something artistic. There's a lot of symbolisms in this drawing so I am gonna explain them now, okay? Right? Okay. Well, we obviusly can see a naked girl with green hair and rings in her hand. There's four rings, one in each finger but her thumb. There are hearts of different colors in the rings. The rings mean that the girl has owned the hearts of four different guys that had showed her different kinds of love, that's why the hearts are of four different colors. Now, lets notice the color of her hair, it's green just as one of her rings. Where is the green ring? In her RING finger, the one that's related to marriage. It means that she has seen four different kinds of love and she finally has made her choice. And why is she naked? because she is showing us exactly who she is without any kind of obstacle. And why her lips and her glasses have pink? because it's the color that I think most represents Beauty, and personally I find lips and glasses pretty atractive. Hope ya like it! have a nice day! Follow me on facebook!


  • Carbon2Tree 9 Jul 2015

    Wonderful style and description. I like how much thought you put into this piece. A background would be a nice final touch for this piece, I think. :)

  • eternalrose_1997 5 Jun 2015

    Ajajjajajajajajja iba a decir que me gustaba el color del cabello, pero wow, la explicación me lo dejó todo más claro, lo admito XD.

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