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Challenge: Giorgia Haran VS Luisamd


  • Emo15gir 5 Jul 2015

    I love how much detail you put into it! This is truly amazing and inspiring.

  • Michelle Nguyen 22 Jun 2015

    I love his fur but especially under his chin and the darker parts where the hairs curl. such a wonderful piece of art

  • Dante 11 Jun 2015

    Incredible detail for water colour. You got the highlights and lowlights of the mane and fur perfect! Well Done!

  • CptShaw 5 Jun 2015

    Really NICE!

  • VedR1109 5 Jun 2015

    Job well done. I too have a lion painting myself.Care to see it?

  • KitsuneWolfie 5 Jun 2015

    Words cannot describe how beautiful this is. Simply amazing!

  • Slag6 5 Jun 2015

    I see no flaws at all. It's perfect.

  • yanisa 5 Jun 2015

    is amazing

  • Charissae 5 Jun 2015

    Very realistic with great colorations. Good job!

  • Amoxes 5 Jun 2015

    Fantastic work !

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