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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-04


My bffl's birthday is right around the corner. We always draw each other their oc's and mail it to them for any holiday. Well this year i wanted to surprise her with a watercolor painting of her oc Jaggedmoon. The only thing is, im new to watercolor so its difficult for me to paint good. Any of you guys play with watercolors? P.S. this character Jaggedmoon does not belong to me she belongs to my best friend :3


  • Oscarlira 25 Aug 2015

    Great drawing

  • xpector 25 Aug 2015


  • Alexbee42 25 Aug 2015

    Nice work in watercolor! You're great with the medium :)

  • Magpie1503 4 Jul 2015

    Wonderful! The slightest bit out of proportion, but great nevertheless! ^^

  • Clarvius 2 Jul 2015

    its cute :)

  • osmanthusette 2 Jul 2015


  • RedKnightmares 2 Jul 2015

    Oh how pretty! She looks adorable

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