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Red sky

By ElenaH
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-04


first try of Artrage software.

Challenge: abel VS ElenaH


  • kitten_500 7 Jan 2016


  • osmanthusette 20 Jul 2015


  • ThenDie 29 Jun 2015

    beautiful! i really love this colors

  • Ramur 5 Jun 2015


  • ElenaH 4 Jun 2015

    Thank you all for such nice comments!

  • Vanola 4 Jun 2015

    Cool! I really like the few colors you used and the blurring effect for the city (well, I guess it's a city). You really did a good job here. Even though I personally think the picture is a bit... empty like this. It feels like it needs a little extra. But it's also fine like this.

  • Anonymous 4 Jun 2015

    Fantasic first try

  • Mossagateturtle 4 Jun 2015

    Wow, very nice

  • ioumx 4 Jun 2015

    The colours are so vivid! At first I thought it was an oil painting but then saw it was digital- great work on blending those tones. Some advice I could give though is that you could try adding a shade of green (complement to red on the colour wheel) to give the eyes a break from the red. I know it was probably your intended effect, but you'll notice a lot of pros often break up colours by using the complimentary.

  • Anonymous 4 Jun 2015

    very good. i like this colours.

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