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Challenge: Icearstorm VS trevorp


  • Jan Spicka 4 Dec 2015

    that is very nice

  • Clarvius 29 Jul 2015

    nice work :)

  • didier1961 20 May 2017

    nice work................. :----)

    trevorp 20 May 2017

    Thanks very much :-)

  • DuskandDawn5 22 Dec 2017

    This artwork looks really good. I'm guessing you used some type of pencil or charcoal to create this piece.

    trevorp 22 Dec 2017

    Thanks for your nice comments. Used various lead pencils to create this drawing

  • trevorp 23 Jun 2015

    Thanks for your nice comment :-)

  • Crystal Jones 23 Jun 2015

    Very good ! :)

  • sabs546 4 Jun 2015

    man f i had a giant paper and a giant pencil with the ability to draw this... I would probably start sword fighting with it and seeing if I could balance myself on top of it the cat looks good too

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