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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-04


Wow ok -what happened to the black frame and what are these grey things?! Iit seems like our art corner doesn't like png without backgrounds... ö_______o'' For a better version: ''How did you get to save me From this desolate wasteland, In your eyes I see the dawn Of brighter days again.'' Just wanted to create a gift and tried something new and then that... the struggle was real. My laptop, pse 7 and sai hated me... oh gosh- it's over'n done x_x'' A gift for i-eat-dogs. It's her pretty awesome character Sam-Rah. It was my first try with corgi-anatomy, don't blame me qwq'' Character © i-eat-dogs (have a look at this awesome person: Art © MercyLasVegas


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