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Dangerous Trio

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-03


Watercolor of the Frasier's from Outlander. Outlander belongs to Starz network and Diana Gabaldon.


  • leijon-forever 3 Jun 2015

    It's a really nice drawing, but the man's face to the right seems to be slightly off in some way I can't seem to quite figure out. Overall, 4 stars from me and a job well done.

  • maryrag92 3 Jun 2015

    I like it

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    Really great work. Very nice shading! Although I'm having trouble seeing if the shoulder on the right of the drawing belongs to the man on the far left or the woman.

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    I don't think there is anything to critique, it's way better then I could do... You should totally keep up the fabulous work

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    Not familiar with the series. Appears like a court sketch.

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    Good art to be honest!

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