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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-02


Saw a painting like that drawn by a friend, inspired by that I drew this one. Thanks to Jonas M. For ispiring me to this and a few other sketches I made in the last weeks!


  • coldnessInside 3 Jun 2015

    i love the trapeziums!!!!! or are they rectangles? nice colours and concept.

  • Nothingtralala 2 Jun 2015

    I love the shapes and the colors - they emphasize the face very well! The face itself looks a tad off perspective-wise, mostly just in the nose, which seems like it's being viewed from a lower angle than the rest of the face. Other than that, very interesting, lovely work!

  • SarembaArt 2 Jun 2015

    Nice concept!

  • Anonymous 2 Jun 2015


  • Theartistrafael 2 Jun 2015

    Nice use of color

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