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cretoxyrhina mantelli

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-02


the prehistoric ginsu shark. both predator and prey to the mosasaur species it coexisted with at the time. compared to other prehistoric sharks, this is possibly the most well understood. known from exceptionally well preserved remains( which is very rare for any cartilaginous fish) measuring 6- 7 meters in length, this large shark on average is around as big as a record breaking great white. it has given direct evidence of this shark at the very least, scavenged off bodies of mosasaurs (although, squalicorax is another possible candidate.). ectenosaurus was also very small for mosasaur standards, so this being an example of predation is also credible.


  • CptShaw 4 Jun 2015

    Awesome! Always loved drawing sharks ever since I was a Kid.

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