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Andy Hurley

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-02


Re-uploaded for some reasons.. Graphite on Vellum Board 8 1/2 x 11


  • Sparrowsong11d7 7 Jul 2015

    This is really really good! (I know you from dA... FabArtistic, right?)

  • Ashi 2 Jun 2015

    Good work.. But wats tht below ?

  • Sandy36971 2 Jun 2015

    It looks so life like :)

  • Multi2ne 2 Jun 2015

    Wow, amazing drawing :D

  • ArtsyLibrarian 2 Jun 2015

    This is wonderfully done, I struggle drawing portraits like this and I really think this looks amazingly life-like, great job :D

  • Anonymous 2 Jun 2015

    Very well done! I'm not very good at critiques, but, overall, it's really great! (Sorry, I'm still not used to all of the stuff on this site yet and I don't normally give out critiques on anything. So, sorry for my horrible rendition of a critique, but I really do think you're a terrific artist and you should keep it up.)

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