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bald this way

By sora204
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-01


this is from the video from team four star's bald this way video


  • Anonymous 2 Jun 2015

    In my opinion the plushy of Yoshi is really funny on how he looks like on the tree and the other Yoshi plushies on the middle of the tree. But the thing with Goku and the other two characters is really terrible.

  • dlente 2 Jun 2015

    I'm very taken by surprise here In a good way, I find it amusing

  • MrThinkaLott 2 Jun 2015

    Line work could be worked on, also the drawings don't contrast well with the background.

  • DoodleyDoo185 1 Jun 2015

    This isn't art, at least by any accepted definition in my mind. Fan art, maybe. If you drew the background, I can appreciate how depth was handled, but otherwise it's regurgitating the work of an anime artist, and poorly so. Take some creative license; make something that is you.

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