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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-01


A visual representation of my OCD. I would really appreciate comments and critiques! I'm trying to improve as much as possible, and I appreciate any criticism.


  • DoodleyDoo185 2 Jun 2015

    Absolutely love the subject matter. Technical skills like dimension and contour shape could improve. Do some more studies on hands and be sure to push the darks and middle tones stronger so the hilights pop out better. The leaves, for example, could use a little something to give them some oomph. I don't work in colored pencils, so I don't quite know any techniques to suggest, but attention to color, and perhaps reflected color will make this really come to life.

  • Anonymous 1 Jun 2015

    looks really cool

  • CoyoteAlex 1 Jun 2015

    Thank you for the feedback!

  • bielebny 1 Jun 2015

    really good

  • kestral88 1 Jun 2015

    Great quality- I enjoy the visual presentation of this piece, you have some interesting texture on the leaves from your markers but overall it doesn't detract from the presentation. Keep up the work- it looks great.

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