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Love Valley

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-31


I felt a little, fuzzy, today. As I was thinking about a special someone. I have not told her for two years, because the first year I was rejected. I wish to tell her in person, but I am afraid of the fact it will end our relationship as best-friends. So I painted this piece. A Spray Paint ( Cans ) on Canvas.

Challenge: MrThinkaLott VS Luisamd


  • Oscarlira 13 Jul 2015

    Very awesome colors, and you are very skillful using spray paint cans

  • GT_Oro 18 Aug 2015

    This is so cool!

  • FaerieWarrior 18 Aug 2015

    love the colors =3

  • Jeanpooh 18 Aug 2015

    Excellent concept, hope she likes

  • AcrockaDOODLEdoop 17 Aug 2015

    Very sweet piece! Love the colors!

  • shire0511 3 Aug 2015

    Such a meaningful painting! And the colors! Oh, so pretty!

  • soulartist90 28 Jul 2015

    I like this, the two trees intertwining has obvious meaning.

  • ThenDie 13 Jul 2015

    beautiful *.* I like trees and background

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