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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-05-31


I saw the movie "Elysium" four weeks ago on DVD and was totally flashed by it. The way the torus looked, the way the Exoskeleton was attached to Max's body and the way the showed the future of mankind in a very dark but also realistic way was too impressive to not draw something from the Movie. Hope you enjoy! :D

Challenge: Selenia714 VS xWolverineMan


  • kitten_500 18 Jan 2016

    Nice detail

  • RedFang 21 Jul 2015

    Very detailed

  • Hexxio 23 Jul 2015

    Like it. Maybe i added a little shapes of brightness, but it's a cool work

  • MrThinkaLott 31 May 2015

    Really love the overall contrast of the image, nice shading and transition.

  • Anonymous 31 May 2015


  • Anonymous 31 May 2015

    Great artwork!

  • Anonymous 31 May 2015

    Nice work. Interesting abstract type.

  • Artistlizard101 31 May 2015

    Very interesting piece. There is an amazing amount of detail in what I assume would be the metal parts. Very cool

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