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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-29


Done for my GCSE exam piece, the project was 'Spirals within Nature' - living by a beach, naturally I turned to shells. This is a mixed media piece, but is mainly done in acrylic paints. The shell and background are all painted in acrylic paints. However, the circles that you see in the background are clay, and have been painted in a acrylic paints that have been mixed with a shimmering medium. There are also small amounts of seaweed glued onto the background of the piece (though these are not easily visible in this photo of the piece). The main subject of the piece is a abstract version of a broken sea shell.

Challenge: skyethegingerninja VS sekult


  • Larry_Smitt 29 May 2015

    I like it!)

  • Ahlia 29 May 2015

    Interesting colors

  • Anonymous 29 May 2015

    Good contrasting colours

  • Anonymous 29 May 2015

    good idea and I really like the colors!

  • Anonymous 29 May 2015

    I think it looks beautiful with the cold colors on the background and warm seashell makes it stand out. It also gives an abstract feeling by using pieces of seaweed and the predominant pieces of clay...I find it an amazing but simple-looking piece of work. Well done!!

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