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Cliff Walk on Pourville... Or at least my attempt.

By sekult
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-29


Oil painting on a canvas of 1m x 80 cms, I don't paint a lot but I love impresionism so here is my try at it based on a work from Monet, would really enjoy to read your critics.

Challenge: skyethegingerninja VS sekult


  • czmanga 6 Sep 2015

    nicely well done specially the mixed colours on grass and water ¡ Niceeeeeeee.......

  • xxdaersdrfzxx 29 May 2015

    that's a pretty good painting! Your painting line really looks like some impressionist artist! I really love how you did the sea! I'm not very good at painting but if I should give an advice, it will be to play more with colours! add yellow/blue on the grass or on the sea! anyway it's a really good work!

  • Anonymous 29 May 2015

    Very elegant

  • SarembaArt 29 May 2015

    Nice colors! ^^

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