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Dreary Days in Suburbia

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-28


Oil on Canvas.


  • REDtr 10 Jul 2015

    looks so real :D good job :)

  • jararaca24073 30 May 2015

    I've come to the conclusion unless its surreal or anime, that art like this is not appreciated here...This is very well done and should be in a gallery. Nice work.

  • missCoon 29 May 2015


  • Br4inFri3d 29 May 2015

    Nice job with the lighting and the reflexions

  • Stevie The Fixer 28 May 2015

    Really Good! I would like to see it flat-on to the camera and nearer but even from this angle it has captured shiny reflective textures excellently. The grey day effect is very well done and I feel that I am actually there.

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