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Sun and tree

By ElenaH
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-28


50x60cm Acrylic on canvas


  • Hatshj 9 Aug 2015

    Very well done:)

  • MC Chen 5 Sep 2015


  • Litao 28 May 2015

    The light is really well done !

  • NatichiBlackWolf 28 May 2015

    very interesting I like the powerful feelings of this painting :D

  • uzeir 28 May 2015

    great idea but the rays should have been only on the back side of the tree they stop at the tree cant be in the front i can say this from the light that falls on the tree

  • Multi2ne 28 May 2015

    I can feel the sun :)

  • Anonymous 28 May 2015

    Like the way you have painted the sunlight, very captivating

  • Stevie The Fixer 28 May 2015

    Very powerful. I like the way you have shown the vast power of the sun rushing toward us almost hiding the gnarled old tree that used to get its life from it. Brilliant work in all meanings of the word.

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