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a trainer with her Charmeleon

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-05-26


this is a fanmade dradring made for a group i'm in on devianart. i wanted to show the love i have for a charmeleon and his evelutions, i only wanted to draw charmeleon tho, the drogram i used was paint tool sai


  • Anonymous 26 May 2015

    I'm gonna be honest, i respect this but i prefer traditional art, handmade drawings

  • Anonymous 26 May 2015

    Its okay, but you should fix up the painting a little, then drawing sort of blends together, and not in a good way. The anatomy is fairly okay, but you didn't leave the outline of each individual object so the drawing sort of blends together.

  • ravenousfeline 26 May 2015

    :) nice

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