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Abstract Tree Frog

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-26


Acrylic on Canvas. To me this painting deals with death and reincarnation.

Challenge: ConquerorQuixote VS Jeanpooh


  • Oscarlira 6 Dec 2015

    Very colorful, Amazing art

  • Ushbus 31 Aug 2015

    This reminds me of when I used to work at Rainforest cafe...every time I see a red eyed tree frog I think "Its ChaCha the frog!"

  • Ebbenhorst 15 Jan 2016

    Thats a frog!

  • Dusklight 26 May 2015

    It is certainly abstract and I believe it gets across exactly what the artist intended, for its style I would say its very well done, However this style does not generally appeal to me personally, sorry.

  • saphira018 26 May 2015

    like the frog

  • Anonymous 26 May 2015


  • Anonymous 26 May 2015

    The colours are nice and the frog is sorta cute.

  • Rickyvt31 26 May 2015

    nice bright colors good detail on the frog

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