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MT- So THAT'S what the symbiote does...

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WARNING: Those of you who don't like pregnancy, stories about them and the like, turn around, click the 'back' button to the top left of your screen. Syr walked around her house, looking for Ryu and Svia as they were supposed to arrive soon or were already there. She had news to tell them of. A little more than a month prior, Syr had completed a surrogacy, and gained some measure of reputation for the sheer number of children she could carry at one time. Oddly enough, she had not gotten any other requests for about a month, but luckily the last two clients had paid her well so that she could go about a full year without a single request. She still did not have a request for a surrogacy, and she had been worried that her last clients were unsatisfied and put in a bad review, which would lessen the public opinion of her. Oddly enough, though, Syr had felt some of the effects of pregnancy about a month after her previous request, and had asked Ryu and Svia to see what was going on. The letter they sent her to confirm their arrival said it'd take a couple days for them to reach her. When they would arrive, they would be surprised to see something they didn't expect. Eventually, Syr decided to sit down and rest a little before Ryu and Svia arrived; She was a bit tired from walking around in her condition. In a couple minutes after she sat down, she saw Ryu and Svia walk through the entrance. Syr got up and walked to them, and greeted them. "Hello, Ryu, hello, Svia!" she said cordially as they both turned their heads to her. Both of them were startled immediately and gasped. Ryu was the first to speak. "Wha- Syr, you're pregnant AGAIN!?" he said rather loudly. Svia was quick to speak after Ryu. "What happened, Syr?" she inquired. "I remember you saying that you hadn't gotten a request for a long time but felt something. Was this what you were referring to?" Svia approached her at a somewhat leisurely pace and put her hand on Syr's belly. Syr stepped back as each child in her womb seemed to freak out at the touch. She put her hand on her belly and began to rub it as to calm them down. She looked up at Svia. "Could you, erm... not do that? When they start kicking like that, it REALLY tickles..." she said with a hint of embarrassment. Her belly seemed to dance with life, a rather impressive sight. Syr continued rubbing her belly. Ryu thought for a moment, then suggested something. "Hm... Perhaps the symbiote that you have causes this? As in, if you're not pregnant for more than a month, then.. THIS happens? How far into this are you? You look full term..." Syr thought a moment. "About 3 days..." then let out a "Nngh!" as her babies continued kicking incessantly, and Syr went straight to rubbing her belly, causing her unborn children to calm down. Svia looked at her, somewhat worried. "If I'm not mistaken, that is very possible. We -still- don't know what out symbiotes do, me and Ryu both." Svia stated. Ryu looked at her, somewhat worried. "Well, that's definitely something fear-inducing," he said with a hint of worry in his voice. Syr looked at Svia, at Ryu, then at Svia. "Judging from how... far I progressed in this pregnancy so far, if it lasts the normal 9 months then I think I have some reason to be afraid. I think I might also end up desensitized to tickling, at least on my belly, by the end of this pregnancy." She cringed a bit as her children started kicking AGAIN, even more quickly this time. Svia thought for a moment, then whispered something to Ryu. They both nodded, and the two approached Syr. "Wh..nnghh... What are you two doing?" she asked, on her knees now so she wouldn't fall over. Both Ryu and Svia put their hands on her belly, making the kicking even more intense. "G-gah! Why would you two do that?!" Syr yelled, then pushed their hands away. Ryu shrugged, and Svia began laughing. "Just to mess with you, I guess." Ryu said, then broke out laughing. Syr sighed, still rubbing away at her belly. "I guess some people just don't change." Syr said, then let out a bit of a giggle. Whew! Longest story yet! Well, besides the romance, I mean. (Check it out here: How they met, a backstory of Ryu and Svia) So to put the story in simple terms, Syr's symbiote allows and even forces her to reproduce, asexually if she is not pregnant for at least a month. Generally the number of offspring resulting from this range from 5 to 15, but there have been a couple cases in which there were much more, such as this case in which she has 30. Note that Syr allows other sentients to adopt any children she has, from asexual reproduction or through surrogacy. Any child she has that she'll raise would be had with her respective mate, whom has not been introduced/met/created as of yet. One more thing to note is that children created through Syr's asexual reproduction develop rather quickly and as such will be INCREDIBLY active. Something to note is that offspring resulting from Syr's asexual reproduction is that they don't have symbiotes, oddly enough. Yet more things to note include the fact that even with the fast development, she would still be pregnant for 9 months, but at some point her belly would not get bigger as her children would be fully developed. On the rare occasion, though, her symbiote may make a mistake and add a whole new batch of young to her current load, therefore making the pregnancy longer and much, much bigger. Long story short: I'm finding uses for nearly unused material and I'm making it to where Syr will be -almost- perpetually pregnant. Even shorter: You should have read the story. Yet shorter: READ THE STORY Also, this is another entry to Mayternity, which is hosted by riddleaugust on DeviantArt/Furaffinity! Check them out and their artwork at and for their NSFW I made this entry just in the nick of time! Unwatermarked version available on DA at:


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    nice porportions

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    the drawing is a good start, maybe add a background to set the scene of the story. i didnt read the story because im not very good at reading but yea maybe add a background to the image ;)

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    Nice :)

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