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Devil's Skull and Scorpion

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-05-25


A devil's skull and a scorpion an paper. Just a little sketch from my old sketchbook. Hope you like it! ^^ Original Format: DIN A 5 Tools: 1504 KOH-I_NOOR 24 Graphite Pencils HB to 8B, Gimp

Challenge: SarembaArt VS Giorgia Haran


  • hubert perron 17 Oct 2015

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snakedaemon 20 Jul 2015

    I love scorpion, this actually reminds me 8f the pair I had when I was younger, nice drawing

  • 0MidnightSpider0 27 Aug 2015

    I love this sketch, the shading is amazing and so is the scorpion.

  • CuteKiwiKitty 26 Oct 2015

    Amazing shading and detail!!

  • Mythology1 20 Sep 2015

    Great detail on the skull.

  • Vic-Chan 16 Aug 2015

    Veeeeeeery cool! Wish i could use pencils like that.

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