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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-05-24


Made with autodesk sketchbook ^.^ Ok so this is for a communications project O_O For this project, my group had to take a third rate company and redesign its advertising. my group chose the company "Yogo Factory" (frozen yogurt) and decided to partner them with Disney and their movie "Frozen" My job was to create a magazine ad and this is what happened O_O at first I made Elsa's hair too yellow so I had to redo it O_O my god that dress X.X all that detail O_O NEVER AGAIN AM I DRAWING ELSA O_O NEVER AGAIN O_O

Challenge: Misaki-Mai VS FaerieWarrior


  • SML 24 Aug 2015

    awesome work, you painted it really well!! why not paint elsa again? :/

  • Ivory Noir 5 Jun 2017

    Very nice. It was a great idea for the project

    FaerieWarrior 7 Jun 2017


  • nononono 22 Feb 2016

    Im not a fan of Elsa but great work!^w^

  • Anonymous 26 Jul 2016

    Lovely artwork :-)

    FaerieWarrior 26 Jul 2016

    thanks :3

  • pencil recreations 9 Mar 2016

    Great ad very well drawn and coloured ,nearly raced out to buy the yoghurt...especially like the detail ..

  • PinkCherryGirl 19 Oct 2015

    haha omg wow this is awesome XD <3

  • Jan Spicka 4 Jul 2015

    very good

  • Tibbles mikami 24 May 2015


  • KrazyLoveLess 24 May 2015

    The hard work paid off though! Looks awesome!!! :D

  • Anonymous 24 May 2015


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