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  • Eddieblz 21 Jul 2015

    Very cool horse. 5 stars. One thing though, for your next drawing like this, maybe put the wings a little higher on the shoulders.

  • hubert perron 26 Jul 2015

    well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nozomi 14 Jul 2015


  • Anonymous 3 Dec 2015

    The horse is a little bit flat, try more shading :-)

  • L0n3Gr3yW0lf 24 May 2015

    It's really awesome, very misty and eerie feeling and the horse looks wicked

  • Anonymous 24 May 2015

    I like the hair

  • Moca 24 May 2015

    What an intense amount of motion, it feels really windy. I like the dark moon, it's mysterious and evil looking :b

  • Anonymous 24 May 2015

    I love it

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