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Valentine Gift

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-05-20


This is one of my nices,the most sweetess artworks I ever made. It's the red anthro dragoness giving a chocolate box to her boyfriend on whom she has a crush. The picture has a story which is the part of the world of Divine Chronicles comics which I am working on. The story can be read at that same picture at my Deviant Art profile,VedranR. Anyone who once to read the story and comment on it,please give a comment.(Eather here or on Deviant Art)


It has a really great effect and i love the feel of it. Im not an expert or anything, but overall it is a really nice work (makes me think of a wuxia or a visual novel, which is always a goooood think for me) and the colors you used are fantastic. To give u a critique, try practice the hands a bit more, they are ok as they are now, but hands in a picture / drawing etc are very important and everyone should try their best to make them look as good as possible, because they can ruin or make the artwork look even better than it actually is. Sorry if my english isnt that good, but i hope u can understand it :P


  • Artstravaganza 4 Jun 2015

    Cute idea :) and the dragons' heads are really elegant, well done

  • The Answer 3 Jun 2015

    Nice work bud, how ya going?

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