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Smelling lilac flower

By xpector
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-05-12


This is my first attempt to paint using acrylics . I think it will be the last time too...


  • Parisizzyluna 14 Dec 2015

    interesting color palet.

  • MarvinT2022 12 May 2015

    I personally think it is a good start with a medium. I personally do not care for acrylics. Might I recommend gouache, it is opaque enough that you can layer lights on darks and vice versa, but it can be reconstituted like watercolors can to make subtle blending easier. Good look with you future art pieces!

  • Senpouki 12 May 2015

    It reminds me fauvisme.

  • BrandonSP 12 May 2015

    Could use more detail, but decent job rendering the subtle highlights on her hair.

  • Anonymous 12 May 2015


  • Holt5 12 May 2015

    I wouldn't worry too much - that's not bad for your first time with acrylics. Just takes some getting used to!

  • Lumee 12 May 2015

    The only thing that disturbs me is the flower that destroys her nose and mouth. I see that she smells it though. :) This is not bad! Don't give up, you have to practice and keep on trying! :)

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