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By NykuT
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-05-05


graphite portrait

Challenge: NykuT VS dbuchanan


  • W-H-E-A-T 13 Apr 2016

    Very pretty, but; she looks fake. Or, to perfect, and kind of forced. The hair shading is nice, her eyes seem to clean, her face also to clean. It's like look at a doll. You have one crease line on the left, but none to match on the right. I do not know what kind of ref you used for this, but somethings seem off. Other then that good job!

    NykuT 13 Apr 2016

    i dont know what do you meant when you said that she looks fake, but this is one of mine old drawings... and i draw it with graphite pencils HB for the light shadows (on the face, shoulders and the light part of the hair) and the 4B pencil fo the dark shadows.... the paper, is a ordinary school paper for drawings..... when i look at this draw now, i see many mistakes... like the top part of the lips, the chin.... even the hair is not very realistic.... as i said, is a old drawing... thank you anyway for the coment, and for your attention on the details )))

  • Aerotrack 22 Jan 2017

    nicely done ;з

  • Puk 18 Aug 2015


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