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By Kat9474
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-05-04


My friend requested this... took me a little over an hour


  • blvckink 28 Aug 2015

    very nice :D

  • RedKnightmares 19 Feb 2016

    I love toothless! How cute! The background, however, makes it hard to notice his features aside from the eyes.

  • Anonymous 4 May 2015


  • Ravence-Sketching 4 May 2015

    This is pretty cool. I like the "subtleness" to it. However I still think it could use a little more wider range of colors, I get though that this specific piece doesn't call for it. Another thing could maybe the detailing. The edges of some things could be a little more crisp and sharp which may help as well. I'm sorry if this comes off a little harsh. I'm just trying to be as picky as I can so you can improve. Other than that it's a great start and you can definitely build off of it and continue to create awesome pieces.

  • Joseph kalys 4 May 2015

    Well the eyes are not the same texture

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