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Looking For An Adventure

Type: photo Uploaded: 2015-05-02


I've dressed up as a Hobbit today.

Challenge: VR Wishes VS Mutantenfisch


  • Jan Spicka 13 Feb 2016

    great photo

  • Alexbee42 4 Jul 2015


  • Anonymous 3 May 2015

    I like the idea and theme if LOTR! The picture looks great.

  • thaokts 2 May 2015

    When you take a photo like that, the space in front of the guy should be 2 times bigger than the space behind. The ratio of these spaces should be 2-1, 3-2, 5-3, 8-5.....(ratio of the fibonacci number). About the color, I have no idea to say, maybe it needs a little contrast, the color of the pictures depends a lot on how you feel, and what spirit you want to capture in them. Sr for my bad English

  • Nicolas Sepulveda 2 May 2015


  • thaokts 2 May 2015

    I think the layout is not ok, and there is some problems in the color, it is not very impressive yet.

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