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Mysterious Entity Concept

By TsilenC
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-25


This is a character I have created a few weeks ago...I'm still working on making it exactly how I envisioned (at least for its head). I wanted to give a jester type look while making it sort of like an owl representation for its mask...let me know what you guys think! Would love some suggestions if you have any!


  • jack12321 25 Apr 2015

    yeah any time! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'm not completely sure how the website works yet, cause I just got it a few days ago, but if you can send personal messages or just make posts on profiles, feel free to contact me there! Or if you've got a DeviantArt I'm there too, with the same username :)

  • jack12321 25 Apr 2015

    You should definitely try out drawing from life; it really is interesting, cause there are always things to draw everywhere! It also improves your skill for realism, and it'd get easier to draw pretty much everything haha, even bells!

  • jack12321 25 Apr 2015

    I like the contrast between the darks, lights, and colored in eyes. Did you use a reference picture?

  • Anonymous 25 Apr 2015


  • Guangxin 25 Apr 2015


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