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Higher consciousness

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-04-21




  • Carbon2Tree 9 Jul 2015

    WOW! I know a guy that did stuff similar to this with pray paint but he never achieved this level of depth. This is amazing!

  • guidodeo 23 Apr 2015

    I like your work in general and you are progressing quite well in this technique. If I may, I suggest less planets in the background to not over charge the sky, or do the planets smaller. Congrats, again for your talent ;)

  • VedR1109 21 Apr 2015

    Misty! :)

  • nataliatsareva 21 Apr 2015

    I do not like the idea.

  • Anonymous 21 Apr 2015

    Great work with the planets! I love your use of color here.

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