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a horse with a lady

By Rodaina
Type: contest Uploaded: 2015-04-14


my best friend and my obsession is horses ..I love to draw & ride them because I really believe that they are the most wonderful & graceful creatures God creates..I hope that you like it :)


  • mydrawing9311 13 Sep 2015


  • Desenhart 19 Jun 2015

    So cute

  • Shadow_Kokufu14 15 Jun 2015

    Thanks for the advice! :-)

  • Shadow_Kokufu14 14 Jun 2015

    Artwork as a whole: Amazing! :)

  • Shadow_Kokufu14 14 Jun 2015

    I realized I said nothing about the girl. She is sooo well done! I'll just say one thing... I wish I could draw as well as you!

  • Shadow_Kokufu14 14 Jun 2015

    The horse is the best I've seen so far. ^^ :) The art is amazing...perfect shading, perfect shape, perfect whole! may I ask where the muscles of a horse are in the shoulder and the hindquarter? I tried shading them...didn't look right.

  • Rickyvt31 27 May 2015

    thank you for the credit

  • Rickyvt31 26 May 2015

    i love the structure and detail to this piece the shading is done very well to,,,,,,great pic

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