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Jensen Ackles' eyes

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-06




  • Oscarlira 20 Sep 2015

    Amazing drawing, thise eyes Looks awesome

  • caratulion 20 Sep 2015

    muy buen trabajo !!!!!

  • suYYvbs 2 Sep 2015

    great work :)

  • FaerieWarrior 14 Aug 2015

    its cool =3

  • surealworld 15 Jul 2015

    The reason for leaving three comment,is the website kept posting you drawing and when I click the already comment tab,it gave me a message that I needed to rate your drawling. My last post finally took your picture off my critique page, i finally got the point i was suppose to get. Noting personal toward you or you art work.

  • surealworld 15 Jul 2015

    I think out of 1 -10 I would rate this work at 4

  • surealworld 15 Jul 2015

    Your illustration of eye needs work. They look like they come from two different people.

  • surealworld 10 Jul 2015

    These eye look like they belong to two different individual people.

  • osmanthusette 6 Jul 2015

    This is really nice!

  • blvckink 30 Jun 2015

    nice shading work :D maybe a little less eyelashes, but then again i dont know who jensen ackles is so i havent seen his eyes :p

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