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Incoming summer

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-04-05


I had the inspiration reading this journal and I'm doing it principally for this (or at least it was supposed to be, since I did it 1 month ago and I'm still waiting.. Anyway at the beginning I drew the same thing with the sun up in the sky, but then I preferred doing a sundown. Note that if you zoom in you can see near half Luna's neck an orange curved line on her mane: I did that to set apart mane and tail..I know it is not a good effect. Here it's the link to the video (faster than light speed lol) it lasts just a few minutes due to the 8 hours of work I spent on it.>>>>> <<<<<<<< WATCH Enjoy! Feel free to DOWNLOAD, critique and share! No spam or abuse! Thank you. My Little pony character belongs to Hasbro. Update: Despite what you can see in the video, in the meantime I was waiting the contest I did some modifications :D

Challenge: Clarvius VS Bluenight01


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