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Some dude I saw on a magazine

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-04


Drew the this in art class


  • astcar 17 Aug 2015

    is awesome

  • Alexbee42 15 Jul 2015

    Great work!

  • BlackDiamond 7 Apr 2015

    Wow, that shading... that shading... beautiful :O

  • Anonymous 6 Apr 2015

    Nice portrait

  • lunafay 5 Apr 2015

    very nice

  • Mutantenfisch 5 Apr 2015

    This drawing is fantastic. I like the use of colours here - they are so warm and lively and suggest an overall happy feeling. What you could try to improve is maybe the lapel of his jacket - it looks a bit too plain and more like a flat area instead of a jacket.

  • Bluenight01 5 Apr 2015

    Great draw! :)

  • xpector 4 Apr 2015

    I love it!!

  • cardentist 4 Apr 2015

    Looks pretty cool man! It could use a bit more contrast but besides that there's excellent color usage and form.

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