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Cool Kids Group Photo

By Moca
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-03


At the beach!! I know this isn't very good, but... I wanted to draw it :b Gift art for Lilith, Kawiiusagi, MichaelBear, and Spirit 40.


  • osmanthusette 2 Jul 2015

    Love these!!!:)

  • ♡YamiYugi♡ 9 Apr 2015

    ??? I don't know what to say, but.. you've done it again. Probably one of the most perfect things my eyes will ever touch and my soul will ever hope to understand. I'm not joking.

  • RedFang 6 Apr 2015

    oops didnt read the comments below...

  • RedFang 6 Apr 2015

    HAHAH OMG So fabulous xD i love it

  • maikeru 6 Apr 2015

    Very nice detail hahaha XD

  • Lucifer 5 Apr 2015

    Oh... I'm sorrys, I sometimes forget that's considered a curse... -n-\

  • Lucifer 4 Apr 2015

    Oh damn~! The wicked crew chilling in there rad shades!!! Nice~! \OuO/

  • L0n3Gr3yW0lf 3 Apr 2015

    Awwwww ... that looks so cool and adorable and AWESOME

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