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Evening Bloom

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-03-22


by Carissa Rose Colored pencils on black drawing paper. Prints available on etsy: WIP pics and more on and instagram @carissaroseart


  • Crystal Jones 6 Aug 2015

    Nice colors

  • lululu174 11 Sep 2015

    O-O i love it >///<

  • kiranox 14 Aug 2015

    brilliant coloration of the skin

  • Jandraws 23 Jul 2015

    It seems you want to do a lot not being able to do much: a girl, a hand a scull and flowers. Try studying face, skulls and flowers separately first. I do not mean to insult. Just study drawing before more complex ideas. Nice try.

  • S.O.E.W 30 Sep 2015

    well drawn. Beautiful roses and the coloring is great!

  • KhayalGhorban 14 Aug 2015

    Cool :)

  • allstarrunner 12 Aug 2015

    love the style

  • RedKnightmares 1 Jul 2015

    Oh wow the shading is excellent! I love the roses!

  • Moca 30 Jun 2015

    The roses are really beautiful, and I like the colours and designs, but it would've been prettier without such a heavy skeleton aspect. That's just me though :b you did a great job for this type of art.

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