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wolf eye practice

By sabs546
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-03-06


Practicing wolf eyes, fur and trying to put some detail in this time I attempted to copy this from here: Took me like 1½ to 2 hours Image was filtered slightly to look more like it does in real life since this was scanned White made it look lighter than usual


  • blvckink 26 Aug 2015

    lovely work :) well done

  • Anonymous 7 Mar 2015

    yeah same with me.

  • Anonymous 6 Mar 2015

    Not bad! Nice attempt

  • DanielSoderberg 6 Mar 2015

    Drawing hair is such a B_tch. Focus more on eyes as that is what your viewer will focus on. Squint( or take off glasses) when looking at fur and sketch the dark areas first. You don't draw every leaf on a tree you shouldn't draw every hair. Solid work...keep it up.

  • Anonymous 6 Mar 2015

    Very nice fur detail :)

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