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Stars Over Edoras

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-02-23


Acrylic on Canvas Board. Original size 55cm x 70cm Buy a Print here! c: Website: Facebook: Tumblr: Stay awesome guys!


  • Don Art 31 Oct 2015

    great job!!

  • Jan Spicka 14 May 2017

    beautiful illustration

  • Laurenh11598 29 Jan 2016

    Incredible work!

  • lovelyguentah 10 Aug 2015

    This is super amazing! Do you mind if I use it as a reference (just a reference I won't copy a thing!) for a japanese painting I do at the moment. You have a great style!

  • ElenaH 11 Aug 2015

    Beautifully done!

  • Selenia714 11 Aug 2015

    Oh my gosh, this is incredible! Amazing detail and shading!

  • SML 10 Aug 2015

    pretty interesting, i like how much detailed it is and the setting is beautiful. the colours and hues are well balanced between light and dark. you've done a remarkable job

  • Willow 10 Aug 2015


  • EKA 28 Jul 2015

    ohhhhh, now i want to find this place, and go live there :P awesome job :) pst... the moon looks dead :) give back his face :P

  • Lira Rainy 10 Mar 2015

    It's really awesome! I don't know what I can add)

  • guidodeo 23 Feb 2015

    Very beautiful, excellent lighting and shadings. The only thing, that I would do, would be giving more contrast to the moon.

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