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My cat Moose

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-01-27


My cat Moose... She is really weird but I love her very much. (Comments appreciated, I want to know what you think) -Yugi


  • ciucamona 14 Jul 2015

    It is likabel ,but you need to work much on the hair.

  • leijon-forever 9 Jul 2015

    I love kitties, but this drawing seems rather rough to me. Proportions are good, but other things could certainly use a bit of work. I wouldn't make the outlines so hard and also some color could purrhaps help it out a bit, too.

  • einsteinsdog 29 Jan 2015

    The face and background is okay, but the body is klunky and stiff. Also, for a fluffy kitty, it should not be so strongly outlined?

  • Jacorien.T 27 Jan 2015

    its soo cute!!

  • abel 27 Jan 2015

    awww I want a cat like Moose.

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