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Carousel Horse, 1985

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-01-25


A drawing I did in inks when I was 17, and too bull-headed to listen to anybody about using pencil for it. You can see how the head is slightly smaller than the body, that was my bad. I was a teenage boy and not willing to listen to anybody. Still, my daughter loves it. Oh, and the strange discolorations you see were not my idea, they were from the picture getting wet from rain in my bedroom, and the water damage caused that effect. Maybe I should try that again, huh? hahaha! Enjoy! :)


  • AnetteDani 8 Feb 2015


  • codymarmon 26 Jan 2015

    Thanks, cz. It was the first horse I ever drew, but now that I'm older I wish I had listened to my peers more, and had been a better artist. Your humble opinion is totally appreciated! :) I hope to see something of yours, if possible.

  • czmanga 25 Jan 2015

    I like it ! good shape and the colours are great , try to copy for don´t lose it ! ( humble opinion)

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