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Red Rose

By Sammy15
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-01-22


I'm starting a book about wildlife.


  • Veeroniquee 16 Jan 2016

    Very nice shading! :)

  • Deleted2 29 Apr 2015

    Wow the realism in each petal is beautiful, would look amazing as a tattoo. Wonderful job, would love to see more!

  • Merlina 26 Jan 2015


  • Sammy15 24 Jan 2015

    Thank you Becca !

  • Becca's Arts and Crafts 23 Jan 2015

    beautiful work on the shading :)

  • Anonymous 22 Jan 2015

    It's gorgeous. Looks like a photograph you did such a good job on the petals and the shading. I like the darkness at the corners how it adds to the shape and realistic way they dry and the the edges. And the glossiness.

  • AvacadoatLaw 22 Jan 2015

    Fantastic use of highlight and shading! I absolutely LOVE the contrast, it really makes the color pop. Perhaps clean up the edges of the petals? They look a bit fuzzy to me.

  • TWINS2 22 Jan 2015

    OMG at first I thought it was a photo..!! Mesmerizing and beautifully created

  • thunderspider 22 Jan 2015

    Very good colors

  • Aleksandra 22 Jan 2015

    Nice :)

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