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Marion Cotillard pen

By duaemaz
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-09


used blue Bic pen for this drawing ;)

Challenge: marmicminipark VS duaemaz


  • Jeff Bliven Photography 11 May 2017

    She would be proud of this. Like, super proud.

  • didier1961 7 Mar 2017

    tres bon travail................ :----)

  • Anonymous 25 Apr 2017

    well done !

  • silverlisp 15 Nov 2014

    this is truly breathtaking and impressive, wether or not you started with pencil that fact that it looks so smooth and real like makes me want to stare it for hours. you did an amazing job on this, an I'm really sad that you didn't win this contest, because in my mind you deserved the full vote of everyone! keep up the good work because you have so much talent and probably 2x as much potential!!!

  • monorata 10 Sep 2014

    so cool dude

  • reddishbeige 10 Sep 2014


  • KumoBonsaiBlast 10 Sep 2014

    How did you draw the shadows? Did you blend them at all, and if so, with what?

  • KumoBonsaiBlast 10 Sep 2014

    Wow with a pen, I think that's very admirable. Very nice drawing

  • ivanjovanovic 10 Sep 2014

    it's very cool. I love the hair

  • DJ-ENG1E 9 Sep 2014

    Nice Drawing

  • Harlequin-Werewolf 9 Sep 2014

    Love her expression :)

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