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Mushroomhead - Jeffrey Nothing

Type: contest Uploaded: 2015-01-15


my drawing of jeffrey nothing from the band mushroomhead


  • Eternal Art 27 Aug 2015

    Can I just say that this looks exactly like his mask!!!

  • janzer 28 Feb 2015

    this is so intense and creepy. i love it

  • MissGamzee 29 Jan 2015

    This is brilliant! Love the idea, very well done! Too dope man, keep going with the great work!

  • Trooper4001 24 Jan 2015

    Kinda creepy...

  • JaqAttaq56 24 Jan 2015

    This is very visually interactive! your eye wanters all over the page making it so interesting! Great work.

  • abel 22 Jan 2015

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!

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