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The Chat Feast

By Moca
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2014-12-15


Oops, me and DemonLilith had the same idea. 笑 This is a little commemoration of the Chat Feasts I've had with these OurArtCorner users! Abel said it felt like a Mad Hatter tea party so that's why I made it Alice in Wonderland themed. MichaelBee is an awesome flamingo, DemonLilith is of course the Cheshire kitty, Jacorien.T is a really mysterious March Hare, Abel is the Mad Hatter with a mad pie hat, and I'm the Dormouse who is happy everyone is enjoying the feast it made and is going to be mighty sleepy afterwards XD. Of course there is the creepy softening oatmeal, my ingredients for it, Demon's wine and bell of truth, Jacorien.T's sour cream chocolate milk with mayonaise on the bottom, Abel's pineapple shampoo drink, and the Hunger Games- er... Narnia berries and apples that I foraged. ...Apparently I turned an unknown spectator to stone there in the front. Sorry! ^-^ I really enjoyed those chats anyway! \(o^-^o)/ This is kind of bad quality on here 'cause it's a big picture so here's a link to the one on DA:


  • lululu174 28 Dec 2014


  • lululu174 28 Dec 2014

    ... and me? O^O

  • maikeru 15 Dec 2014

    Oh my god! How cool! :D And really cute :3!! There are the famous pies of Moca, yummy!! All the caracathers are very funny and I love the flamingo of myself hahaha. Thanks a lot for the mention ;) hugs

  • Dream.Guardian 15 Dec 2014

    love it ^^

  • L0n3Gr3yW0lf 15 Dec 2014

    Thats really adorable ... and cool ... and Lilith is so cute

  • abel 15 Dec 2014

    hehe I can't stop laughing, this is awesome!

  • Lucifer 15 Dec 2014

    The mad hatters tea party indeed! I'm honored to be the cheshire cat :D

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