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My Tattoo Design (WIP)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-12-11


My tattoo design i have been working on, its almost finished.

Challenge: deathlouis VS caratulion


  • SarembaArt 20 Sep 2015

    Really well done! <3

  • BERLIAN 25 Oct 2015


  • Don Art 12 Sep 2015

    great job!!

  • EmotionalArtist 5 Nov 2015

    I love the shading and the details. Very good job.

  • ZelaOdessa 11 Sep 2015

    Beautiful! I love how you showed the progress pictures!

  • blank 27 Jul 2015

    Beautiful shading on both subjects and I actually quite like the paper texture coming through. I look forward to seeing it finished

  • arobinart 21 Jul 2015

    very cool, love the shading, but maybe a bit more contrast

  • Nairin 20 Jul 2015

    Wow, pretty interesting :) But I think that rose is little bit blending with the skull.. :/

  • Becca's Arts and Crafts 11 Dec 2014

    very cool so far :) Do you give people tattoos?

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