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Maria Clara Cartoon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-12-07


Another dear friend


  • WedsneyQF 7 Dec 2014

    Thanks to all. Always nice to know that people here support each other

  • CrisLoran (OkiotoArt) 7 Dec 2014

    realy nice in general.

  • Anonymous 7 Dec 2014

    Nice work :-)

  • Anonymous 7 Dec 2014


  • themistervolt 7 Dec 2014

    Well done ;)

  • irisharrison 7 Dec 2014

    I find this peice to be wery well done with the bold crisp lines and use of color. My only critique would be that the right shoulder looks off the way it angles upwards so sharply. Agently curve like the lrft, a begginning of curve would make it look more natural.

  • Koza-Kun 7 Dec 2014

    Great drawing :)

  • hubert perron 7 Dec 2014

    nicely done !!!!!!!!!!!!

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